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Northern Drakensberg History – Places to Visit Whilst Staying at DMR

When visiting the Drakensberg Mountain Retreat, there are plenty of activities for you and your family to do and many beautiful heritage sites and berg views to visit and enjoy. One of the views you will want to experience is the view from the Piet Retief Pass. This is the pass through which Retief’s party of Voortrekkers descended the Drakensberg in their quest for freedom and a land (Natal) of their own. This group of men consisted of 66 wagons and these were the first ever wheeled vehicles to enter Natal. The trail carved by these wagons is known as Retief’s Pass and was declared a national monument in February 1977. Another Heritage site, which is a “must see” is the Kaalvoet Vrou statue (pictured below). The Afrikaans title given to the statue directly translates to “Barefoot Women” in English. This statue is situated near Bergville at the Voortrekker Pass and is just 1 ½ km from the Drakensberg Mountain Retreat. This historic monument stands as if walking away from Natal and is in memory of Susanna Smit, who in 1837 declared that she would rather trek barefoot back over the Berg than live in Natal under British rule.                       Another site you will want to add to your list of sites to see is the location where Piet Retief’s’ followers camped while their leader went to Zululand to parlay with the Zulu Chief Dingaan for land. The Site is named Kerkenberg because the Voortrekker’s priest, Erasmus Smit, deemed the cluster of rocks at its base was worthy of...

4 things to do in the Northern Drakensberg

No matter what your idea of a holiday is, the Northern Drakensberg has an activity for you and your family to enjoy. Whether its romance, adventure or arts and culture you’re after, we have it covered! Find some activities to do whilst staying in the Northern Drakensberg below… 1 for the view… Visit the second highest waterfall on the planet, the Tugela Falls. The waterfall is situated in the Royal Natal National Park and the best time for viewing is during summer. Take one of the two hiking trails that lead to the Tugela Falls. The first of the hiking trails involves a full day of walking to the summit of Mount-Aux-Sources whilst the second trail offers a more gentle hike which leads to the foot of the falls (through the beautiful indigenous forest in the Tugela Gorge). Contact Drakensberg Mountain Retreat for more information on these trails as well as to book accommodation for your stay.     2 for Romance… Fancy something adventurous and romantic? Why not take a horse ride through the mountains and canter through the breath taking scenery. There are various trails offered by the Montusi Estate in the Northern Drakensberg, ranging from easy outrides on the Estate for the beginners to trickier trails for those who are more experienced and confident. Email  to book your horse ride today. 3 for Adventure… If it’s an adrenalin rush you are after then look no further than the 900m forest cable tour. If it’s an adrenalin rush you are after then look no further than the 900m forest cable tour. This cable tour is the...
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